Challenge Extended


Today, Katie and I have a challenge for you all, dear readers.

Challenge: Use one or all of the following vocab words in a sentence today. With a straight face.

  • Herculean
  • Nonplussed
  • Vacillate

And then report back.

We have done this successfully so far today and would love to hear your results. Katie executed this nicely at lunch with an unexpecting, young co-worker, who looked a tad nonplussed, himself…

So on another note, are you enjoying our blog? Are we as hilarious as we think we are? Leave us some comments so we know what you like. You know, so we don’t think we’re just posting out there into the void. VALIDATION!

And now for your daily LOLz.

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One thought on “Challenge Extended

  1. Dana

    Oh, it worked again at O. Grill (e) as in ye olde grill? Nicely done, Mary S. and your voice ain’t bad, going to resurrect some Poco lyrics for another try with a more enthusiastic audience. xo youse guys

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