Spring Break and Innies vs. Outies


I’m back from South Cackalacky! I just flew home and boy are my arms tired. I had a lovely trip with my sister. My brief trip was filled with laughter, beautiful weather, delicious food and relaxing strolls around the town.


I have to tell you, I was most excited about sharing with you, faithful readers, that I tried whey! We went to a fabulous, hidden gem of a restaurant and one of the small plates we ordered was carrot soup with green curry, roe and whey. The whey is the frothy egg looking thing on the top. I have to say – it was delicious. I highly recommend.

We had several rounds of pot du creme – all were so delicious. Sage advice: always choose that for dessert.

I thought I would share some highlights from my trip:


I took a few pics for our resident commenter, Miss M. I really loved these moments and I knew you would, too.

Transition home from the beautiful place as well as the company of my awesome sister has been difficult although I have to say that I really missed the husband and child and have been delighted to see them. The only thing that would have made this trip better would be if they, along with my BIL, were with us. But don’t worry,  there was plenty of hilarity, high 5’s and great times.


As you can imagine, I’m delighted to be reunited with our dear friend Lauren. How have I missed you. I shall count the ways. I was in love with her post yesterday, as it really depicted her and also made me love her even more. It was very truthful. I thought you all would like a little extrovert opinion, as I am an extrovert and it is not always easy for us, either. On the Myers Briggs scale, I am an ENFJ. Boy is that ever true.

Here are some extrovert problems that I suffer from:

 Extrovert Problems: When everyone around us is in a sad mood, so we get sad, too.


Me. All. The. Time. I am generally a super happy person but when I am surrounded by sadness, I cannot stop it from seeping into my mood. It can encompass me almost immediately and I have to constantly fight to get out of that place. Don’t be mistaken – I can be sad, too. I just don’t like to be and work hard at it.

Extrovert problems  Doesn't happen often, but sometimes I really don't feel like talking.

I talk a lot. Pretty much all the time. In every situation. I tend to feed off the energy of other people but don’t necessarily have to interact with anyone. Sometimes, I just don’t have anything to say but I just really like to have you in the room with me. I’m usually  not mad. Actually, if I’m mad, you probably know it.

Orange background, black text: [Extrovert problem 32: Being told to ‘calm down’ and ‘stop being so annoying’ when you are expressing your joy and excitement about something.] submitters note: does anyone else feel like you’ve been punched in the gut when this happens? :’D Mod Note: Only all the time. Submitted by Ramember http://ramember.tumblr.com/

Guess what? I’m loud. I’m excitable. I am passionate. I’m going to be the LOUDEST one cheering you on. Ain’t no shame. And I’m not going to stop. But, sometimes, I like to be quiet. Rare. But it happens.

Describes someone I know hahahahaErrrrrrrryday. In fact, the other day, when I was in the ‘Bucks, I had to bite my tongue to refrain from starting a conversation with a man who had a giant cast on his arm. I wanted to talk to him so badly it hurt. I am self-aware enough to know that he would have thought I was creepy.


Lately there has been all of this talk about Introverts and how to deal with them. But what about people like me? In case you haven’t noticed, an introvert is really the Yin to my Yang. Lauren is one. The husband is one. Pretty sure the sister is as well. And you know what? I have never been able to be myself and feel as accepted as I do when I hang out with them. I’m loud. I have opinions. My personal space bubble is pretty small. I’m probably going to touch your arm or hand when we talk (please let this be your notice that I am NOT a close talker). Don’t be freaked out.do you have a new member that is an extrovert? nourish their outgoing personality!#extrovert #HowToLoveMe -- Whooo boy especially number 3! Too much enthusiasm I don't know what to DO with it all!!! :D

Most importantly, I don’t care what you are. An innie. An outie. I care that you are a good person. That you have a strong moral compass. That you are loving, funny, honest. I’m a steadfast, true friend. It has taken me a long time to figure that part out. So I leave you with some things that make me happy and inspire me.


Cheers, friends!

C is for creative/ Imaginative

Acceptance: It's taken me a little bit to get to this point, Mainly because you say one thing but act another way and do other things. Despite that, I am your friend and will continue to be your friend through out.Sometimes We Expect More From Others... Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and TwitterThink I only have two real friends that this is true with. <3 True friendships are extremely rare to come across. hold on to those people.

As if I could be any weirder, I went through an Ermahgerd phase a while ago. It makes me laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh so hard. Ermahgerd Crossstitch Pattern by CraftComplex on Etsyhey look it's me. hope the evil duck. i have laser beam eyes, don't look too close. @Ruth H. H. Wayson @Autumn Eaken FifieldI have a disease called Awesome. You won't understand because you don't have it.Let's see what we can do to remedy that.giggity giggity


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