Spring time. NAILED IT! – Lauren


So it is nearly spring. Spring is nigh.  Henceforward, I expect 60+ degree weather.  

Too much to ask? 



So I am not coaching middle-school lacrosse this year.  I have coached the past 8+ years.  My 11-13-yr-old laxers were adorable, ridiculous, sometimes clever, usually horrible lacrosse players, drama queens, couldn’t go an hour without complaining on needing to pee… 


I miss them, but I am too competitive.  And now I get to come home to be with the puppy, take her for hikes, runs, etc. 

Spring = outdoor time.  I want to make my tiny, apartment balcony outdoor area awesome.  Friendly.  Stocked with plants, veggies growing, set up for wine drinking and quiet afternoon reading. 



Ideally with some solar panel lights, gorgeous frondy, viney flowers, comfy seating, surround sound, wireless music, built-in bar and grill, 6-person hot tub….  Oh wait….  It’s an 8’x8’ apartment balcony too close to the highway and looking directly into the homes of strangers.  

Realistically, I want to grow some tomatoes, maybe some herbs, sit outside and read with some wine occasionally.  I have big dreams.  Or as my mom would say,  “champagne taste with a beer budget.” 

Image   Image

Ok, that’s only half true.  I don’t like “things.”  I like spaces.  Events.  Activities.  Memories.  Trips.  I like to be clutter free and surrounded by oxygen-producing plants.  My spider ferns reproduce like bunnies, but they make me feel more secure (I’m an asthma kid…  ). 

Have you seen those “NAILED IT” images?  The perfect cake, decoration, etc., then recreated by lay people with DISASTEROUS results.   I oftentimes try to recreate these things and land on the disaster side.  Here are some things I wish I could recreate for my house.  But I don’t know where to start.  How to use  tools.  If I have tools.  Where to buy parts.  Etc. you see the issue. 

ImageImageImage  ImageImage

Anyway, I bought some seeds, a window box, and some potting soil.  Stay tuned for updates. 


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