Apartment Balcony Green Space – Check!


Yesterday I shared with you my hopes and dreams to have an awesome outdoor space.  Today I say, TO DA!  I went to Lowes and IKEA and moved some of my plants back outside for the season.  I even planted some seeds.  Let’s see if they actually germinate.  Or if my dog eats the dirt.  As she did earlier.  

So here’s what I did.

New table to go with our AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE folding chairs.  Please note one of the aforementioned ever-reproducing spider ferns…  if you want one I’d be happy to give you one. 


I bought some hangy planters for iceberg lettuce (for the boyfriend, who will not eat any other type of salad greens) and some spinach (cuz that’s what I like). 


And then I wanted something for the corner, something with layers / tiers.  Not quite what I had in mind, but I couldn’t find the stairs-esque rolly thing on which to place planters, and this seemed like the right size for my tiny space (and it was $20).


Also, you should know, I built that with me own two hands.  **please read that in the intended Scottish brogue.  ME OWN TWO HANDS! 

I know what you’re thinking.  “You’re burly, marine boyfriend didn’t put it together for you?”  Um.  No.  A) I am capable. There were limited parts and easy Swedish instructions. B) The big guy is sick. And watching Hook. (Bang-a-rang!) C) I wanted to build it with me own two hands.   

So, outdoor space:


Now, I just need weather to be a tad warmer and to teach Bella not to eat my plants.  Or the dirt. 


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