From Florida to Hiking in Maryland – Lauren


And…  I’m back from Florida…  land of palm trees (non-native species, of course), sunburns, and leathery retired people.  I have to tell you, even though I was on an island on the gulf, salt water, I was convinced that every puddle or pond held at least 15 gators.  In fact, I would do my best larry-the-cable-guy-voice, “I bet dere’s a gator in dere!”  Every time. 


Katie is off to SC to visit her favorite sister, and I am back – at least I missed the snow! 

SO back to reality.  I took my puppy for a hike today.  It was a blast, not too muddy, and not many other people out.  Peaceful.  But when I am hiking, I think about all the funny, dangerous, ridiculous things that could happen. 

Image  Image

You’ve heard the stories. You’ve seen 127 hours.  If you haven’t read Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, it is awesome.  About a woman whose life is messed up, so she’s like, yeah, I can hike the Pacific Crest Trail.  Experience?  Pssh.  Shoes that fit?  Pssh.  A reasonably sized pack?  Pssh.  And all the shenanigans that ensue. 


Anyway, my kind of hiking is the kind where I don’t even need a pack.  I bring my keys and my phone.  Not to call for help if something happens…  to take pics of my adorable fluffy dog on the hour-long hike.  I’m a BAMF.  I know. 


So for those of you whose minds also wander…  or enjoy outdoor / hiking humor  (or for the .5% of the population who actually hike into the mountains and battle frostbite, snake bites, and death by cliff falls), enjoy the below humor. 


Image   ImageImage




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