The Weird Files – At the gym


The family and I recently joined the gym. I have another true confession: I actually like it. I enjoy exercising. What the heck happened to me!?!?! I cannot believe that I actually say to people, “Heading off to the gym.” WTF. That is actually real. All of the “stories” that people fed me about exercise being good for you were true. Huh. Who knew?

The thing I love most about the gym is that everyone is so different. I love that there are people of all sizes and all levels of fit. I love that the ranges of ages is so wide. But the thing that I love the MOST is all the weird things that occur at the gym. I know you must be thinking I’m going to make fun of people – I most certainly am not. Have you ever seen people running in a very “Phoebe-eske” way along the side of the road and you think to yourself, “WTF why are they running.” But then that moment you realize you are out of shape and never, under any circumstance, exercise on purpose? I have and often my conversations with myself go like this – “Katie, you are lazy. They are actually doing something you should be doing. Stop being such a dick.” And then i totally agree with myself.

I don't even really like him...but I find this funny :)So, yes, I am relatively new to this world of the gym and it has opened my eyes to wonderfully, weird things that happen at said gym. I have compiled a list for your enjoyment.

  • Yesterday I saw a man wearing an old timey golf hat. You know the kind that is bubbly, knit and has the ball on the top? Fun fact – there is snow on the ground, it was cold as a witches teet yesterday and there is not, in fact, a driving range at the gym.

  • The other day, a women next to me on the stationary bike had a notebook and pen and seemed to be jotting down things during her workout. I cannot imagine what she was writing. So very deep in thought.

  • Same day – a man on the other side of me had one of those desk flip calendars and was flipping through the days. Does anyone know what purpose this would serve?

  • There was this guy who was walking on the treadmill but appeared to be sleeping. See previous blog about the witnessing of a kid falling off a treadmill. Seems a bit risky to me.

  • There is a ridiculous amount of men wearing Captain America shirts. Nothing against Captain America – I’m a big fan but what is it about wearing this shirt to work out? Does it increase your BAMF factor? I guarantee there will  be at least three during a single workout. Every work out. The husband has also noticed this. There was discussion about making sure he doesn’t wear his.

  • Husband reported that last night, there was a gent who was wearing a leather jacket with bike gloves riding the exercise bike. Interesting.

  • Husband also reported someone wearing an argyle sweater while working out. Seems a bit Cosby-ish but I kind of like it.

  • A guy was wearing a knit skull cap while running on the treadmill. Full on shorts and t-shirt but a knit cap? Is that functional? Am I missing something? It just looked so hot (temperature wise, not hot-hot).

I will continue to keep you updated on things. Let’s continue to keep it weird, people. It makes life so much more interesting. Also, it distracts from people noticing me while I work out. I’m usually the one crying and sweating buckets. I just love being so awkward.


One thought on “The Weird Files – At the gym

  1. Dean

    I read the book “Wild” as well. Very good read. Also read the one from Bill Bryson about his AT Trail experience. Very good as well.


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