Happy St. Patrick’s Day and other things…


May your glass be ever full.

May the roof over your head be always strong.

And may you be in heaven

half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead.


Here’s to me, and here’s to you,

And here’s to love and laughter-

I’ll be true as long as you,

And not one moment after.

On behalf of the entire nation of my people – Happy St. Paddy’s Day. As you know from my previous posts describing my paleness, I’m pretty Irish.

But….guess what? I have NEVER gone out on St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, it completely overwhelms me to even think about hanging out with amateurs drinking so recklessly and getting stupid. *shudder* Unless I’m that crazy drunk person, I don’t want to be around those who are. Just kidding…I never am that person. *insert side eye here*

What I do love about SPD is all of the Irish love. The food? Not so much. Boiling meat just does not sound like a good time to me. GROSS. But I do love me some potatoes. Beer? Please and thank you. It sure is a holiday what brings everyone together. Celebrating. Food. Drinks. Laughter. What is not to like?

i made an ecard !
Funny St Patricks Day Card St Patricks Day by ParchmentDesignThere are no winners when corned beef and cabbage farts are involved.

In other news…Lauren is basking the the Florida sunshine and I am trapped here in this horrible snowy tundra. WTF. A snow storm in the middle of March?  On my people’s holiday, no less. NO thank you!

I had lunch with a friend today which was so exciting. I have found that over the years I have met some people that have profoundly changed my life. Some for the better, some not. Well, aside from the delicious noms at lunch, we had a wonderful time catching up, telling stories and, well, just being friends. Sometimes it takes a low-key moment to help you remember that there are people out there who really love you and make your lives better just by knowing them. Also, it helps that she makes me laugh and is always honest with me. And for that, I’m totally thankful.

As many of my friends know, I LOVE Snapchat. It is seriously the best invention in the whole wide world. I have an unspoken agreement with those on my frequent snap list that there will be no screen-shotting. I also think they are incredibly humorous and just plain delightful. It’s totally acceptable to me to be totally weird with them. I especially enjoy when people are super creative. Well done, fellow snappers.

Yesterday I had my second acupuncture appointment with David. Who is David? No…not my BIL David, whom I love a whole lot. This David is my acupuncturist. I really like him. I have no idea what he thinks of me but QT with acupuncturist David is the best. Few things here: I really like the acupuncture. It really works and on top of that, I feel like a total BAMF. Stick twenty needles in me? I can handle it. Look at me! It makes me feel like I have super powers. This also seems to be an ongoing issue in my life. At least you can say that I have confidence?

True confession that I am sure more of you than I would like to actually admit know about me: I have intense relationships with people that I don’t know (David also falls into this category). Lauren has a few stories (OMG L DON’T ACTUALLY SHARE THEM AS THEY ACTUALLY DO EMBARRASS ME) that she could tell you….where I interpret relationships with people who I really don’t know as “real” and then realize just because we share mutual friends or I have seen pictures of you that it DOES NOT MEAN, in any way, THAT WE ARE FRIENDS. And when I see you and feel super comfortable with you and you are totally freaked out – now you know why.

On that super creepy note, I hope you all had a safe day pretending you were Irish and your week is off to a good start.



4 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day and other things…

  1. Mary

    it was like that when I went to see David Sedaris. I was so sure that when he saw me there would be a moment of recognition, the meeting of twin souls, but the intense relationship existed only in my head. In fact, I think I scared him a teensy bit when he was signing my book afterward. Still though, he probably was tired from the reading, perhaps distracted by the others waiting in line….

    • katiehurtt

      This is so real for me way more often than not. David Sedaris should be devastated he missed his interaction with you as you two are soul mates.

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