Spring Break – Pale Girl Style



I am heading to Florida for Spring Break next week (no I am not a 20-yr-old in school…  I work at a high school and still get the benefits of frequent holidays), and I wanted to show you what that will look like.  I am pale.  The kind that burns in 20 minutes, peels in 2 days, and returns to pre-burn clear-white in 4 days.  So, when people say, oh you’re going to Florida, you’re going to be so tan.  I laugh and say, and by tan you mean skin cancer.
 So, my little sister is still at an age where she wants to tan.  She is as pale as I am, but younger and cares not.  Last year over Spring Break, one of her friends only pretended to put on sunscreen on the first day in Florida sun.  She looked like this for the remainder of the vacay:
Sunburn is no joke.  Pale whities unite!  Burn –> itchy peel –> white…  not a good cycle.
Segue:  Fat animals are funny…  when the fall….  If you have not seen this short video about fat animals, watch it! It is alternately known as If McDonald’s Went to Africa.  

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