Mood Swings and Awkward Runng



So after getting an earful from both my father at lunch and then my mother over a walk, i am prepared to divert my attention away from work and stress.  Therefore, i have found some things that have made me literally LOL today.

Trying not to look like this:


27 Bizarre Things That All Women Have Done At Least Once  —  I won’t say that I have done alllll  of them.  But most.  And so have you.  Don’t lie.

Also, I love this.  And I feel this way often.  Too often.


I am accepting gifts to improve my mood.  Suggestion:


So anyway, I took my puppy on a run today – she is now old enough to go on official runs with me, not just romps – and she isn’t used to it, wants to play, prance, sniff, etc.  Also, I am really slow, so she is pretty much just walking.  A trot, if you will.


So, yes, I am proud that I went for the run, better than the couch.  But really, here is the reality:




I hope that my deflection via humor amuses everyone and that run faster / more gracefully than I.

Happy weekend.


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