Keeping Calm and Carrying On… and laughing all the way


Today is one of those days when I have taken the “Keep Calm and Carry On” pill.  Things are happening.  Changes are brewing.  My mother likes to remind me that when a door closes a window opens and so on.

So, instead of dwelling, as is my tendency, I have found numerous funny things to share.

These books actually exist…  There are no words for some of these!  But I do kinda want to read them…


Never Before Have I Laughed So Hard At One Guy’s Non-Attempt To Save The Planet  –  This is funny because we have all been there and then think it through and realize our one-man attempt to fix endemic issues will be meaningless and self-destructive.  I appreciate the small things we can do to improve the world and this is certainly reasonable.

K: I really love this about you. You inspire me to want to do more. In fact, because of our friendship, I now recycle all the time. I stop at trash picking but I’ll continue to let you spearhead that campaign.

Vintage Ads That Are So Unbelievably Sexist, They Would Have Been Banned Today  – Funny, but scary that these are real.  They were designed and printed.  And people didn’t balk.  THEY DIDN’T BALK.  Why no balking?  I am so glad I wasn’t born in the 30s or 40s.  I am a balker.

K: I like that you balk. I like that I agree with some of the below ads and you don’t and we will get into an old man, fist-shaking argument over it. I’m so feminist that I’m chauvinistic. Also – it’s totally cool to know how to please your husband. But the real kicker is that a man should know  – Happy wife = Happy life. The man is the head but the wife is the neck….


Amazing Footage Of Dolphins And Whales Taken Via Drone – this is just loverly.  Unmanned drone used for observing wildlife?  Yes, please.

K: I bet they will find the hidden dinosaurs.

Which Goonies Character Are You?  I think it’s rigged.  I got Mouth.  As did Katie.

K: The description is horrifyingly accurate.

“You are stylish and cool and need to tell the world about it. You can sometimes be annoying but that’s the baggage that comes along with being the funniest of your friends. You also have many hidden talents, like cursing in multiple languages.”

10 Scientific Reasons To Eat More Pizza –  I am not quite convinced, but I may feel less guilty when I eat pizza henceforward.  Antioxidants?  Beer pairing?  Noms?

K: Let’s go grab a piece of ‘za.’ YUM. As if we needed any more reasons….



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