Would you rather…and other things


Throughout my life I have had plenty of friendships. Shocking, I know. Some of those friendships were fleeting. Some have been long lasting. Some have torn me apart and have taken me years to recover. As I have entered the mid-point of my thirty-fifth year, I have learned many, many lessons from these relationships. I have also learned how to be a better friend.

One of the lessons I have learned has been to surround myself with people that make me laugh. Our dear friend Lauren makes me laugh. A lot. Too hard. Too often. And usually, it is at terribly inappropriate times. So today*, I thought it would be appropriate to play a little game with her! Who is in for a rousing game of “Would You Rather?” among other fun things? Yay!

*I have been left to my own devices today…It’s all your fault, L.

  1. Would you rather sweat mayonnaise (forever) or poop out a baseball (just once)?  L:  baseball
  2. Would you rather fly or be able to hop really far?  L:  fly, duh
  3. Would you rather meow like a cat instead of talk or only be able to sing?  L:  sing, lalalala
  4. Would you rather wear clothes that are way too big or the Ronald McDonald outfit?  L: clothes way too big
  5. Would you rather swing like a monkey from the trees or hold your breath underwater for extended periods of time?  L: swim under water!!
  6. Would you rather smell really bad but look really fantastic or be aesthetically challenged and smell really good?  L:  i’ll smell bad, that’s status quo
  7. Would you rather only be able to eat your favorite food for the rest of your life or eat a different meal/snack every time you ate for the rest of your life?  L:  different food!
  8. Would you rather have an Ewok or a mogwai?  L:  ewok!!!!

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