POTUS – How would you use your power?



Many of you have heard (or not… whatevs) or know that the President of the United States of America gets some pretty awesome perks. Beyond the obvious perks like the White House, security, Air Force One, and awesome wardrobe, he also gets to ask the head honchos over at HBO if he could get an early viewing of the new season of Game of Thrones, which doesn’t come out until April. He can pretty much ask for whatever he wants. That’s pretty awesome. So today we are going to throw out somethings that we would ask for if we were the POTUS. I’m confident this will be a topic we revisit every now and again.

We also included awkward selfies of us from work today.  You’ll note that Katie is lying on the floor.  At work.  

Our friend, Mr. Anon, will be joining in on the conversation as well. Everyone say hello to our guest! Today he gets top billing.

Mr. Anon:

  1. I would want the complete catalog of Who’s the Boss with Alissa MIlano and discuss her character development throughout the course of the show. One of the best episodes – Sam’s car. If you haven’t seen it – check it out.
  2. Receive a topless backrub from Kate Upton. Let’s be honest – we would both be topless.



  1. Visit the set of Downton Abbey.  It’s like Pemberly!  
  2. Get free tickets to any Broadway show whenever I want.
  3. Have chefs flown in from my favorite countries to make a smattering of food that I love and have them teach the WH chef how to make them to my liking.  



  1. I would vacation in the most far away, spectacular locales. I’m talking Fiji  – you know those huts on the water? Yeah. That. And all the other cool places like that.
  2. I would shut down Disney World and invite all my friends and family and have a POTUS day. It would be awesome.
  3. I would ask for tickets to concerts and get to meet the bands. Best seats in the house!

What perks would you want if you were the POTUS? Let us know! 


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