On bad cafeteria food, local vs. grocery, and “angry seas”…


L: Today we are discussing food (again), but in a different light than yesterday’s delicious brie post. It’s pretty interactive today.

K: Make sure to enhance your reading experience by clicking on the links. You won’t be disappointed.

L: Katie and I work at a place that provides free lunch for us.  I know what you are thinking, wow, that I a really nice perk!  And it is.  But wait, there is more.

Every day we walk the tightrope of free food and angry stomach, AND the effort to make and bring in your own, paid-for food.

K: Let’s be honest. I’m not going to be making my food as long as we get this perk. Ain’t gonna happen. I’m willing to allow for the seas to be angry that day, my friend.

L: We have a salad bar, sandwich bar, hot food, and a few pre-mades.  Sounds nice?  It is all tasteless, not fresh, browning lettuce, sweaty, plastic deli meats, chicken salad that is all mayo and honestly we don’t think it’s real chicken (pink goo…).  How can they go so wrong?  All it takes is variety, healthy food options (not just fried) every day, and fresh food from GOOD SUPPLIERS.


K: Why, oh why, did you have to say sweaty? Please don’t ruin this for me. I’ll acknowledge the pink goo. But I don’t eat at McD or BK so I’m cool with whatever they do. I would also like to say that I am concerned that today’s guac may have come out of a squeezy tube.

L: I am a firm believer that no matter how fresh-looking food is, how much variety a place provides (or in our case, doesn’t), the most important thing is high quality ingredients to start with.  For example: McDonald’s vs. Chik Fil-A.  Chik Fil-A uses real chicken. McD’s uses chicken product, aka pink goo.  There is no comparison.


L: Now, I am a sucker for natural, antibiotic free, free-range, grass fed, local, organic, etc… it is more expensive but it is sooooo worth it.

K: Agreed. It shouldn’t be difficult to order better food. The issue is also the cost of higher end food. This being said – there could be a market for some Ma & Pa organization to get in on this and lower costs. More people would buy. We would eat healthier. Think of the benefits. It could be so good. I’m going to let you spearhead that campaign.

L: Please take the time to watch this AMAZING video that demonstrates the real difference between regular grocery store produce vs. organic grocery store produce vs. local farmer’s market produce.  It’s 2:30 minutes.  Do it.

K: Do we need to bring up the pink goo thing again? This video horrifies me. Here is something that will help cheer you up.

L: That video is horrible.

Anyway …. Maybe we are eating more food because we aren’t getting nearly the nutrients we need from our food, since our giant agricultural farm colonies are raping the earth, using GMOs, too much pesticide, and shipping across the world.  Talk about a nasty carbon footprint.

K: Don’t even get me started on recycling.

L: But I digress.  My point was originally this:  why do I still eat the food at work, despite the one-hour-later gastrological revenge?  Because it’s free.  And it’s a mind block.  And I am lazy.


K: We walk a mile up hill to eat lunch. I don’t think that constitutes as “lazy.” You get to socialize. Get out of your office. Get some fresh air. The benefits do outweigh the diarrhea.

L: You said diarrhea.  “The seas were any that day, my friend.”  Every day.

Could I change my ways?  Sure, but if lunch costs an average of $5 a day when you make it, I am saving a huge amount of money (where does it go?).

Anyway…  go local!

K: I agree with you on this one, Lauren. On a different note I have to say, dear readers, we finally reached the exciting conclusion of what curds and whey really is. Now, I know that you are wondering why on Earth we were even talking about this but the truth is: The More You Know.


One thought on “On bad cafeteria food, local vs. grocery, and “angry seas”…

  1. Mary

    Hey girls! I can totes relate. trying to mine a salad from those offerings was a battle. Spinach was the way to go but always, always, always a rumbly in the tumbly

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