When in doubt, Bucket – Katie


Earlier this year, I was charged with creating a bucket list. I have thought long and hard about this and I have a pretty good start. I thought you guys would like to see it! I mentioned it to the husband the other day and got a lot of comments like “Are you an 80 year old?” “You aren’t dying, are you?” “What the hell are you doing?”

Bucket List items:  (Lauren’s comments follow)

Fly a helicopter – Helicopters are awesome. I have flown in a helicopter three times. It was the most amazing adventure. You know how military men hang out of the side? I want to do that. But mostly, I want to fly one. If, in some bizzaro world, I become Lex Luthor or Bruce Wayne and have a shit ton of money, I would have my own personal heli. See? I already know the slang. I would fly that thing EVERYWHERE. It would be a grand entrance every single time.

L:  i see you as Rambo, dangling off the side, fighting a bad guy with weird teeth

Do a stand up routine in front of people – I know. I know. I like to tell you funny stories to make you laugh. What you may not know is that all of the stories I tell you are absolutely true. I know I make you laugh. *thanks for lying if I actually don’t make you laugh* I would like to see if I could do it in front of people. And, no, Colleen. Giving a MOH speech at your wedding while crying hysterically DOES NOT COUNT.

Go to France – Duh. This is a given and should probably be at number one. It is my dream to one day live in France, but I’ll start with a trip. I love everything about the Francophone culture.

Drive across the country – In addition to the experience, I would like to enhance it by visiting weird attractions along the way.

Put myself out there – This one is pretty open ended. I’m not exactly sure what I mean by this – taking a risk or trying something really difficult or new but I want to do it.

L: go to a nude beach.  that’d do it.

Help someone – Again, I’m not sure what to do with this one. But I want to help someone in some way. I cannot give you a tangible description at this time but I’ll keep you posted.

L: gimme your kidney.

Learn to drive stick shift – Yeah…I don’t know how to do this. I’m not sure if driving really fast and having to stall out the car at red lights and stop signs is labeled as being qualified to drive a stick shift. Something tells me it is not. I don’t know how to do this nor can I even wrap my head around it. At this time, many have tried. All have failed to teach me.

L: let’s go out to the parking lot right now.

Go zip lining – Come on. This would just be awesome. I’m not sure how much more explanation this one needs.

Drive 100 mph – I love to drive. I could drive all night just to get to you. And do it really well. I just want to do it really, really fast. I’m willing to do it on a track but will also travel to the Midwest to crank it out at top speeds. I’d be so good at this.

Pet a tiger – Not a dog person. But I love cats! A tiger is like a really big, scary cat but still. Also this would not be in the wild and would be in a controlled environment. A baby tiger would also check this one off the list.

L: do i need to send you a bouquet of “when animals attack” videos?

Karaoke – I do love me some singing. I have never sang Karaoke and would totally do it with enough beverages. Song potentially on the list – anything  by Journey, Beastie Boys, Jackson 5. I’m willing to accept song nominations.

Find something that i am really good at – Totally open-ended again but I would like to find something that I am really good at and do it.

Learn the “Thriller” dance – Lifelong dream for reals, yo. Can we all just learn this as a group and do it together? I’m totally willing to share the spot light.

L: watch 13 going on 30 a few more times…

Drive an 18 wheeler – My Big Rig would be black with really shiny chrome details. And flames. Lots of flames. I’d come barreling down the highway and honking the horn at every single kid that gives the sign. On that note, truck drivers that do not honk the horn when a kid gives them the sign is a dick.

Hopefully my list has inspired you to make one and I’d love to hear all about yours! Life moves pretty fast.

Lauren’s Daily LOLz:



3 thoughts on “When in doubt, Bucket – Katie

  1. George

    Ok so first of all its called a helo not heli maybe that was a typo O is right next to I. So I’ll give u that one. 2nd is your last sentence. “On that note, truck drivers that do not honk the horn when a kid gives them the sign is a dick.” If the word drivers is plural then u use the word are not is when describing them. Just saying!!!! Lamp! Your welcome Lauren. If u want help with ur list, go to six flags they normally have a monkey or tiger u can pet or play with and get ur picture with. Many local small airports give lessons in flying. Just sign up. Not more then a couple hundred, unless u want your license. That’s a different story. And one more thing I find it hard to believe that u haven’t driven over 100 mph before… I mean come on. Look me in the eye and tell me u never have!

  2. katiehurtt

    Grammar Police! Grammar Police! *You, *Second, *””, *You’re

    Love you, G. And, nope, I have never driven 100mph before. And the cool kids call it a “heli”. Final note, Lauren will never go flying with me.

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