D’Olympics, Part Deux


We are back! Sorry for the delay in updates – we enjoyed our snowcation. Nothing like feet of snow to force a Netflix catch up and food fest. I sent Lauren  message letting her know that I would immediately be enrolling in a fat camp upon our return as I used that time off to make epic meals and snacks for the fam. Hopefully you enjoyed the down time. Unfortunately, the time has come for us all to shower and put pants on and rejoin the world.

I initially had a post written about my new found friend INSOMINA. It was so well written, witty and thought provoking. But guess what? I scrapped that to rebuttal my dear Lauren’s Olympics post. Grrrrrr on both. And cut me some slack, Woman. It’s been crazy after being off so long. Like you haven’t been busy….

First, I would like to point out that I LOVE AMERICA. I am a true blue lover of all things USA. Conservative, patriotic (I started off my younger days reciting the Pledge. Every. Day.), homegrown – yup. That’s me. I love politics (mostly) and have stayed up to watch THREE of our fine nations’ terrific presidents win the election – starting in the early 80’s when I was a wee tot. Don’t even get me started.

I think the Olympics are terrific. I, too, love the back stories and as noted many times in my previous posts, I completely enjoy when people overcome hurdles (if I even have to point out that obvious pun – we are in a fight). I think it is impressive. I often am the one rooting for the underdog. I like the little guy.

I am actually jealous of the athletes. To be in that kind of peak physical condition? I literally dream about that. Ok, I don’t. But I totally wish I was. Frankly, it’s totally bad ass. Unless it is doing damage to your body or you are achieving those standards in an unhealthy or illegal way, I’m totally cool with it.

I am also a sports fan. I like golf, tennis, football, occasionally soccer (not always my thang), bow hunting, hockey, and basketball. I even have favorite players. Phil Mickelson, Roger Federer, the Redskins, the 1990 Chicago Bulls team. See? I even know who plays on the GD teams. Do I always watch the whole games? No. Do I read stories about them? Yup. Do I check on the scores? Why yes I do. I can even carry on a conversation about what happened in said match/game/etc.

Here is where I get hung up on the Olympics. I feel sad watching these young kids have one shot. And lose. It crushes me. I hate watching their dreams shattered. I realize that is not the point – they are among the best of the best. They are the elite. They deserve to be there and it is pretty freaking amazing that they did it. But it is overwhelming to me. What is next for them? It’s too much for me. It depresses me. Stop judging me.

I HATE the commentators. They are HORRIBLE. I hate watching sports on tv in general. Why do they get the loudest, douchiest, idiots to talk for hours? Ugh. They usually are the tipping point for me.

As for exposing Rigby to the Olympics? Of course I do that. But please also realize that when we have dinner, we talk about it. We see a little bit of it on the television. But honestly, I see my kid maybe two hours in the evening. He goes to bed at 7:30pm. That is a pretty hectic evening. I’m not going to be sitting in front of the tv with him. It’s not my thang. Will we watch tv? Sure. But I honestly be focusing on the Olympics? No. Do we watch sporting events? Yes. But he is 5. He will have many opportunities to watch them. They will be on again in  a few years and he will be more aware of the world and sports and the such. Sports are important to any child’s development. He plays lacrosse. He plays soccer. He has done this since he was about 2 ½. We have recently started swimming with him.

So, yes. He is involved.What is important to me at night is to spend time parenting my child. Spending time together as a familial unit. Showing him what a loving, supporting family is. As he ages, will we spend that time in the car on the way to practice or a game? You bet. But right now, we are with our little guy enjoying these few moments we get with him each day. Soon he won’t have baby teeth. Soon he will be in school and not as sheltered as he is now. Soon he won’t want Mommy to hold him and cover his face with kisses. Right now, John and I listen to music with him. We dance. We laugh. We snuggle. And you know what that is doing? Letting him know that when and if he chooses to become a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a prince, or a criminal, he will have two parents who dearly love him. That doesn’t mean I’m unAmerican. It means I’m a parent. That is about as fucking patriotic as you can get right there, baby.

*end of rebuttal*

To follow up on Lauren’s “are these really Olympic sports,” here is my opinion:

Dressage is fucking beautiful. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. Horses are beautiful (albeit scary) animals. You try that. See how you do.

Handball – Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Table tennis – come on. It’s Beer Pong. It’s fun. Stop being a hater.

Trampoline. Come on. Can you think of a sport that is more fun? They are yelling “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” the whole time.* That is awesome.

*Please note that I’m not sure that they do that but in my head it’s totally legit.

Weightlifting. I mean. Ok. Do it. Just don’t crap your pants.

Curling. WTF. I would be the best curler out there. Could it get any weirder? That shit is crazy awesome.


4 thoughts on “D’Olympics, Part Deux

  1. George

    Katie, you and John are great parents and Lauren did not mean any disrespect. U know she loves you. Now that that has been said, I think your doing a fine job trading your son. And all of this talk about the Olympics and sports makes me want to play. Let’s go bowling!!! What you doing Saturday?

  2. katiehurtt

    OMG. Stahp! Did I sound hostile? Just a rebuttal. In no way did or does Lauren offend me. The real question is did everyone get my references throughout my post? They were epic. See if you can find any.

    As for this weekend – have lots of plans INCLUDING taking the bub to a bowling par-tay.

    But for reals. Let’s get something on the calendar.

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