Honest Valentine’s Day… the cards that say it all


**Warning:  Some of these are R Rated.  You’ve been warned.  I don’t want any complaining.

Now, it’s Valentine’s Day and we all know what that means:  single people are bitter; coupled off people pretend to not need a hallmark-fabricated day to say “I love you,” to buy flowers, candy, and cards.

Both of these options are fine.  And healthy.  And really, we can all enjoy the honest, brilliant, relatable cards available on this day.  Now I know what you’re thinking.  “Valentine’s Day cards are all trite and mushy, and pink, and flowery, and I hate them.”

I agree.  Which is why I compiled these awesome cards for your viewing pleasure.  Feel free to steal any of them.




4 thoughts on “Honest Valentine’s Day… the cards that say it all

  1. Mr. BlogStalker

    OK, you guys have hit the right note for adult Valentine’s wishes; not too cheesy, just a little sleazy, and funny along the way. Congratulations!

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