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Yesterday, we received the following comment from one Mr. BlogStalker:

So, where is the discussion about fonts? Since I have been following this blog, I have not seen anything regarding the critical font issues that confront the contemporary writer: why is Times New Roman so overused? Why is Arial so hateful? Is Mistral cheesy or interesting? And what about Goudy Old Style – is it indeed, the very best font going? You guys need to update your phone game, and right away, or I’m canceling my subscription.


Did we just become best friends, Mr. BlogStalker? I think we did. Challenge accepted, my curious and witty pal.

To serif or not to serif. That is the question.

Over the years, I have inadvertently done several in depth researches on fonts, both professionally and personally while working, in school or just for fun. After years of turning in papers with size 1 inch margins and the horrific Courier New (size 12, obviously), I am a reformed offender and judger of most things to include fonts and layout. (I was a journalism major…I have a bit of a background. I consider myself to be a credible source.)

Here, my dear sir, is a rundown on some of my findings for your enjoyment.

I dare say Comic Sans is the worst offender of them all. Mocking you with its whimsy and child-like demeanor. Trebuchet is a close second. Classy, you are not.

Times New Roman – yes, it is overused but it is at least a classic. Understated. Easy to read. Dare I say it is the little black dress of fonts? Too much? I think not.

I have to say that I really do not care for Calibri – the default setting on Word. Stop  trying to make that happen, Microsoft. Frankly, it’s so fetch.

I like to have my fonts occasionally mimic my handwriting. Word on the street is that I have super fancy handwriting. Options are limited but I often will go for that trustworthy standby Calligraffitti or Lucida Calligraphy.

You mentioned Arial. Arial is so, so hateful. It is judgmental with its boringness. Lauren would like to point out that if you stare at it for too long, it will slowly ruin your eyesight. It’s genericness and boredom slowly seeps into your soul.

Font musings from Lauren:  

Adoble Caslon Pro – fun, yet professional. Efficient, yet sassy.

While I dislike American Typewriter for taking up too much space, being too old and stodgy, and reminding me of days of whiteout… there is a sweet nostalgia for the purity of youth and real journalism.

Bell MT is too light and whispy, no substance. It doesn’t elicit faith in what you’re saying.

I’ve always loved Book Antigua, it makes me want to curl up with a novel by the fire… it’s wonderful and intelligent.

Britannica can suck it.

Chalkboard is fun and whimsical, but i am not 7 years old, so…. no.

Onxy… who can actually read that? could it be any closer together?

Back to me:

Can we just have a minute to discuss WingDings. Seriously. WTF. Why is this even an option?

I have to say, overall, one of my favorites has to be Palamino. It, too, reminds me of days of yore and it has such a fun and flirty style.

So, Mr. BlogStalker, does this help satisfy your need to know our stances on fonts? While this is merely a glimpse, rest assured we are both dedicated to the proper appearances of fonts, and strive to choose the best each time. I promise to have many, many more discussions on fonts and continue to raise awareness.

PS – If you are interested in our stance on Yeti vs. Sasquatch, let us know. We would be happy to have an in-depth posting for you on Monday.


2 thoughts on “Lord FONTleroy

  1. Mr. BlogStalker

    Ok, I am in for another month. Keep up the good work, or I’m going to go all Lucida Blackletter on your ass.

    Mr. BlogStalker

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