PJs: Inside out and all winter long – by Katie


I think I will forever love the anticipation of a snow day. If I even get a hint that there is a possibility of a snow day, I cannot suppress my excitement. The best part is now I never know when we are going to get bad weather until my mom sends me a detailed text about what is to come. She has often been referred to as “Peggy the Weather Mom.” She can tell you what is happening on any given day in any given state. Quite a feat. This not knowing is every exciting when a late night glance through the slats of the blinds shows copious amounts of snow.

Over the years, I have gone from full out news junkie to pretty much getting my news updates from Facebook. Don’t judge me. I can hear you doing it from over here. I once dreamed of writing for a paper and having my own “beat.” Let’s just say things ended up a wee bit differently than  I anticipated. Since the birth of my son, I cannot stand listening to the horrible tragedies of my hometown and the gruesome nature of folks these days. I want to wait a little longer before these become real to him and prefer to have him think we are safe in this world and bad things happen “somewhere else.”

Because of this, I have NO idea what the weather is going to be like. EVER. I pretty much look out the window or wait until keys are in hand and I open the door. This has proved ineffective as a parent because I can never fully figure out what he should wear to school. I have chosen to send him with layers just to be prepared. It has also caused many hair and wardrobe malfunctions on my behalf…

Just the mention of a snow day creates powerful images in my head filled with naps, movies, and of course – FOOD. Chili. Bread. Pancakes. Wine. The possibilities are endless. I often go to bed with butterflies in my stomach and find it difficult to fall asleep while waiting for those first flakes to fall. Today, I was disappointed.

As I sit here in my office surrounded by windows with the feeling that I’m stuck inside of a snow globe and wishing I was home with my family, my hope is that you are home in your PJs, eating comfort food while watching great movies. Tonight I will be wearing my jammies inside out. Again.

For your enjoyment and LOLz:

This occurs a lot in our car:


For my mom friends:


Let’s get weird:


Fun Facts for today:

I have eaten approximately 5000 calories in some apparent effort to be squirrel-like. About 4500 of those calories have been sugar. I’m not worried about the spots that I am seeing AT ALL.

I spent an incredible amount of time grossing out Lauren which made me incredibly happy.

Today’s word: Scuttlebutt


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