Super Bowl Sunday’s Musings…. On game-time snacks. – by Lauren


Sorry it’s been a few days since we have posted.  This will happen.  From time to time.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday.  The phenomenon known as “scream and yell at the TV from your couch with your friends and eat way too much food and regret it the next day.”

As a latecomer to caring about football, I still have a hard time following, nay caring one flying piece of poo, about any team other than the Ravens.  If they aren’t in the Super Bowl, I’ll probably be more focused on the people I am with, the munchies we are partaking in, and lamenting the fact that I am missing Downton Abbey.   Granted, last year was really exciting, fun, loud, and purple.  But I just cannot get myself on board with other teams, players, what city they’re from, who their coaches are…  I just don’t have that much extra space in my head for all of that.

On a more fun note, I do love all sorts of football snacks.  Let’s discuss:

  • cheese plate – you cannot go wrong with an assortment of cheese and crackers, always be sure to have a hard cheese (I suggest either extra sharp white cheddar or Dubliner), and one softer, spreadable cheese (brie is always a win, but goat cheese is a nice option too)
  • wings – ok, I am a mess and cannot eat wings in front of people with whom I want to remain friends.  Also, I am a pansy when it comes to spicy food. Hence – old bay dry rub boneless wings.  Nom nom.
  • Chips n dip – it’s not a party without guacamole…  or hummus….  Or salsa…  get the good stuff.  Lime chips help too.
  • Any type of fruits and veggies help cleanse the palate and make people think they are being healthy.  Carrots and celery is a great vehicle for dip.
  • Beer / wine / hard stuff – I am a fast drinker, cuz I am always thirsty.  Always.  So it is safer to drink beer at a football game than anything else.  Though never buy the cheap stuff.  Coors Lite, Bud Lite, etc., yes you will see ads for them the entire game, but no one likes it.  If they say they do, they are lying or just trying to get drunk.  Or have horrible taste and you shouldn’t invite them over.  Blue moon.  Win.  Sam Adams.  Win.
  • A specialty dip, like buffalo chicken dip, or spinach artichoke, crab, or nachos.  Good times.  Warm.  Intense.  It’s awesome.  Have good bread and crackers for vehicles.


Ok, side note, I just saw that Philip Seymour Hoffman died of an overdose.

Tragic.  It always is when someone succumbs to their addiction.

Rest in peace.  You shall be missed.

Sorry for the heavy.


Here are some weekend LOLz. 

I don’t understand our society’s obsession with zombies.  Or vampires.  But at least they can be cool.  Zombies are literally disgusting dumbasses.  And gross.


Oh bananas….



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