Today’s Musings


Lauren:  Random Katie Comments of the Day:

  • Katie:  I hate the fact that the end of a hot dog looks like an asshole
  • Katie: I want to name myself something fun.  I really like 2CHAINZ. (insert awkward rap dance / thrust here) Awkward? You call that awkward?  Ok. Maybe. But it had heart.
  • Katie:  why doesn’t my hair look as good as Jared Leto’s
  • Katie:  and if you had hammertoes, would you wear open toed shoes
  • Katie:  also mustaches should be illegal
  • Katie:  is it better to walk into a bathroom where someone has just dropped a huge deuce and NOT sprayed?  or to walk into the bathroom where someone has just dropped a deuce and sprayed the heck out of orange spray and you get a mouthful of both?
  • Katie: I feel like I am the balloon that floats around and you hold on to me and shake your head at me
  • Katie:  This is me in my car: 

Katie:  Upon reflection: this makes me seem so rando and insane. Imagine what it is really like 24/7 in there.  Good news, though. I worked on my core all day. Feeling stronger.

Lauren:  What Food Matches Your Personality:    

Ugh, I got pizza, I don’t even eat pizza much.  And I find its over-oilyness gross.  Unless I am bored, lazy, and craving it.

** Convo with Katie after she, too, got pizza:

K: f-ing pizza
not even white pizza
i would go ahead and say i’m a bagel
or cheese or something like that

L: i think i’m an apple and brie sandwich on a baguette
with some red wine

K:  ooooh, look at you, all fancy and shit

Things that drive me bonkers: Words that do not exist or are horribly misused/maimed

  • analization (dost thou mean analysis?)
  • unorganized (DISorganized, for the love of ….)
  • sneak peak (no… PEEK, as in a look, not the top of a mountain)

K: You have the biggest no nonsense bullshit detector in the world. I love you more every day because of it.

Lauren keeping it real in the digital age:

  • have you noticed that wishing someone happy birthday on FB literally means nothing
  • there is an alert, a thing pops up, zero effort is required
  • if you’re not going to drink wine with me or decorate my office, or sing in my voicemail, i care not

Thought-provoking pics for your enjoyment




L: If I see this on someone’s heads, I KILLS IT
K: I would totally wear this out just to freak out the folks.





One thought on “Today’s Musings

  1. Mary

    Wait just a doggone minute. Is this going to be a blog about funny things that katie says? And you are going to do all the fancy work and record it? Beware of feeding the beast my friend. I have never wondered that about a hot dog but I see the point. Or the pucker, as the case may be.

    I hope for fellow employee legends such as the poor person who was maimed during his wife’s pregnancy by the constant sounds and motions of katie describing the opening of the cervix, followed by a scrunching sound and a scoopy hand motion that made him blush and look nauseated at the same time.

    Or how about bets being taken on who visibly sweats the most during meetings…

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